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Steubenville, Ohio has been put under a microscope after several of their football players were named in a rape case from this August. This case has received attention because of the picture, video and social media documentation of a passed out girl getting assaulted, followed by a seemingly indifferent local law enforcement. The assailants’ attitudes make me disgusted beyond measure. What have they been taught? Who told them it was okay (and even funny!) to have sex with a girl who was unresponsive and “unable to move”?

I’ve been reading articles from several different sources. Everyone can agree that she was immobile and that boys were laughing as they tossed around the word “rape.” In fact, a group of Steubenville students earned the abhorrent moniker “rape crew.” The adults in the town seem to be guilty of diminishing the severity of the crime and protecting their star players…sooo if you win high school football games you can put your dick wherever you want regardless of consent? Sure, that sounds reasonable.

I was interested to read not only the info from Anonymous, but this blog post as well-
-It sounds pretty extreme, but the videos and tweets are what get me.

The victim has already had to endure physical and emotional trauma, furthered by the sudden attention to this case. If it’s any comfort to her, I think everyone outside of that shitty Ohio town can see the need to punish these egotistical, depraved guys. Nobody is above the law…especially douche high school football players.


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