The voice of Amanda

About my opinions


When I was in college, I felt like my friends had tons of things to say. We talked about our classes, our philosophies, our belief structures and whatever else crossed our minds. I usually sat slightly subdued and spent most of my time listening and gathering my thoughts. As time has passed and modern technology has put the opinions of someone thousands of miles away right in front of me, I find myself becoming more and more vocal with my opinions.


I just want to get things straight and be honest where I will be coming from. Equality is important to me. Education is important to me. Research and reading and literacy are great. So are music, pets, good food and nice people.


My plan is to discuss certain awesome things I come across, while also tearing apart the asinine and showing the weaknesses of arguments. Voicing opinions is cathartic, and it seems like maybe some common sense could help the world as well. I know that I am not always right, but I know I am always willing to listen to a thoughtful and decent argument from others. I would love a dialogue without name calling or suppositions, but with evidence and courtesy.


Maybe it’s a bit idealistic, but here’s hoping.



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