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Parenting with your IPad

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I get that parents have their hands full. A lot of households have both parents working or single parent situations, limiting the time that can be dedicated to a preschooler. I truly do understand there are difficulties. I also understand wanting the best for your child.

My Preschool children are learning the alphabet and how to write and sound out what they see. I try to work with the many ways children learn, having them hear the different alphabet sounds, trace them, write them, roll them out with dough, etc. I’m always looking for fun new ways to get them excited about learning their letters (if you have ideas, please share!). I went looking for a letter writing app to broaden my letter writing spectrum. Not only is it another way of having them “see, say and write,” but I love cutting down on the amount of paper we use.

I ran across this review when searching letter writing apps. The app I found is free and fairly basic- it says the letter aloud, and the child can trace the dotted outline of each capital and lower case letter. Of course there are going to be other apps that have more options, but I feel that I don’t need something to do the teaching for me.

What makes me mad about this review is the clear desire for a piece of technology to do the job that a parent or teacher is supposed to do. Yes, there is no “good job!” Or “try again” feature. I find that a parent can do that when working WITH their child. I also mentioned that this is a free app, so for parents willing to pay a meager $2.99, there is surely something that will talk to your child more than you.

This review was not isolated. Numerous other parents had similar complaints about the lack of direction. I dislike the assumption that a canned voice coming out of a tablet should be congratulating and guiding my child more than I should. Think about the many years before ipads were available. Children had coloring books and writing sheets with dotted lines. The obvious feedback had to come from the person giving them the materials. My question is this- is technology allowing parents to be lazier? Are we taking advantage of a great learning tool and diminishing our role in children’s education?


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Enough is enough

The stories of gang rape and brutality continue around the world. How
many more of these will there be in the next year, or for that matter
the next week? I cannot understand how attacks on women continue. I
cannot understand how men continue to work together as a pack like animals, lacking emotion or empathy. Obviously there is a power component to their disgusting actions, but what compels them to cause such mental and physical trauma on another human being? Do they hate their mothers? Do they hate themselves? Clearly they lack a set of moral standards to which the rest of society tries to adhere.

I know that Canada had put out a commercial awhile back targeting how men should behave rather than how women can “prevent themselves from getting raped.” This is definitely a step in the right direction. I know there are events like Take Back The Night. I’m discouraged by the ignorant comments by politicians (which I discussed in an earlier post), and things like that lead me to believe that somewhere in our system we are failing. People legitimately believe in completely backwards ideas on rape. How has this happened?

Now I am left asking myself this very important question- “What can I
do to help stop this from happening?” How can the voices of reason be heard over the garbled lies and misinterpretations of how and why rapes occur? I feel almost helpless when I think about the staggering change that needs to take place when it comes to how women are viewed and treated in this world.


I cannot stop bringing attention to this.
I cannot accept that this is just the way it is.
I cannot stop hoping that intelligent and empathetic creatures such as human beings can make progress.