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Russian adoptions

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Putin has shown about as much maturity as a spoiled impetuous child. In a political move that only serves to do harm to the children of his own country, Putin has managed to push through a ban on adoptions to American families.

The news articles are out there about the specifics of this, so I won’t really delve into it too much. All I can say is that Putin should spend a week staying in one of these orphanages with these children. I’m glad there will supposedly be perks for Russian families to adopt, but I’m sure that still won’t be enough for the thousands of children in need of homes.

From what I’ve read, Americans are being painted over with propaganda warning of sex trafficking, abuse and other hellish fates for Russian children brought to the states. More than likely the poor kids will face a much harsher reality in their orphanage, left without love and assistance for sometimes crippling disorders.

Way to show what an awesome leader you are, Putin. If I had the chance I would punch this guy in a heartbeat for such a cold show of political retribution.


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