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I am a feminist- aren’t you?

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In my last post, I mentioned that our society is impacted by the role models we present our children. Katy Perry was chosen as woman of the year, a pretty big statement that seems to indicate strength, intelligence, perseverance, poise, etc. You would think she would speak of her empowerment while treading through a male-dominated field and finding success. Nope. Her big statement was that she is not a feminist (but go team! Women are super cool!).

How are you NOT a feminist? If everyone actually looked at what being a feminist means, how would you say you are less? Contrary to popular beliefs, a feminist is not a bra-burning, man-bashing crazy lady. A feminist is a person (male or female) who sees the need for equality. It is not about one gender over another, it is an equal playing field for all. It is equal pay for equal work. It is respect for opinions and ideas.

What has feminism done for us? Women can vote. Women can receive the same education as men. Family leave act. Access to birth control. While the United States has made some staggering advances, we are not done yet realizing full equality. If you extend the scope of feminism around the world, it is even more clear how important it is.

So what about Katy Perry? She puts on a plastic face and sings fun songs. She makes a lot of money. She seems like a nice enough person. However, what is she representing? What message has she sent to our kids? And what about her current message separating herself from feminists? This is just perpetuating the belief that a feminist is a bad thing, but I can tell you this. I am proud to stand up for equal rights and recognition for women around the world.

If given the choice of a role model, I’d gladly choose a feminist.


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